Used Blüthner pianos

We are privileged to work closely with Blüthner Pianos of London. In addition to their fantastic selection of new Blüthner Pianos, they also supply a selection of rebuilt pianos. These pianos have the advantage of beautiful old style cases - many with exotic veneers - where in many cases, the iron frame and case are the only original part of the piano as the rest is fitted with brand-new parts including the soundboard.

As a subsidiary of Blüthner Pianofortefabrik GmbH in Leipzig, Germany, they are in a unique position to offer Blüthner pianos that have been restored using genuine replacement parts and materials. Customers also benefit from the ability to source specialist timbers and materials and a wealth of original craft skills.

All of these beautiful pianos come with a guarantee.

Contact us on 01425 270040 for further information.